What’s My November? (A Poem Inspired By Tyler The Creator)


My November gotta be around 6 at night

Twighlight looking fresh like I’m a prince  on nick at night

I’m way to young to remember that it was actually on NBC

But my November would actually be

some girl taking my number actually remembering me

Throw back to November around 2014 that had to be my November like

44-14 Roll Caseys

But now I’m yelling Fly Hawks

Stopped in Conway to shout Chants up but that was not what I thought

What’s my November? Well actually now that you ask

It’s  about 5 in the morning with my foot on the gas


To fast

Sloww down

at last i find the perfect medium between the fame and the cash

I’m sorry…

That’s not actually my November

it’s really just 5 am for the sunrise

And this girl being honest if she really wanted to cut ties

It sucks I know, but why lead me on like that

Why keep my mind locked up like a blue cruiser on bike a rack

It’s beautiful, and it deserves a day in the sun

I’d prolly say my Novembers around June to July one

Like when all your homies home and ya pops is on the grill

And ya momma calling ya line just to see how you feel

Like, you gotta lie and tell you’re all good

Because if you hurt then she hurt

and hers is worse than yours would

Feel tell me is my November even real

I only wrote this entire song kuz I had these feelings to spill

And I was listening to flower boy and this track sounded real

So I thought about my November and found a beat I could kill

So take my life and combine the good and the crazy

That’s my November I’m done writing now because I feel lazy.

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