Sponges Don’t Drown

Far be it from me to say I am the perfect artist or even human being for that matter. And far be it from me to say that artists should serve as role models for their listeners. After all the reason many artist goes into music is to advocate for something they are interested in through this specific art. The whole idea that the pop-culture shapes American youth is very relevant because, people want to live life like it is their favorite music video.

It is hard to imagine being in the hills of California high off of Percocet and Codeine, but something in the minds of the youth tells them, that if they mimic that lifestyle, soon enough the results shine through. For some it works, but for most it leads to addiction. Life should be what you make it, and as an artist your advocation leading to the romanticism of those drugs and others is the product of what is probably story of a struggle turned success. If you’re a fan, understand this, make life what you want, do not try to mimic the lifestyle you see and hear, the good will come with the work, not with being a clone.

It is crippling to imagine being so inundated in self-hatred that you would speak about suicide as if it were a solution to your issues. The problem with that notion being put off by music is people try too hard to relate. Artists forget that there are a lot of people who can not find their own prerogative and thus try to identify with the tendencies of their favorite musician.

Be your own person, do your own thing, and spread your own message, and find true happiness before you try to identify with someone else’s despair.

Everyone should understand something that should be made very clear; sponges don’t drown.They don’t get submerged into the water and go away. They soak everything around them up until they are old tattered dirty and ready to be thrown away. I would never tell an artist to deviate from their original art or message, but I would say to think of the fans you have acquired because of that specific message you passed along, and how you would want them to go about solving their issues they have that they find similar to yours. You may not care, but at the same time, music, money, and notoriety isn’t the source of validation for everyone. Be the common good in the world, don’t let those people be soaked in the allure and fantasy of the picture you and other artists paint for them. Don’t let them get lost in the lifestyle you illustrate, because once they are all soaked up they haven’t focused on themselves and all they know is what they have been told.

Everyone be their own person. Don’t be a sponge.


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