Maddie Emery- Interview

Maddie Emery is a student from Point Pleasant aspiring to do in life what she wants. She is a very talented singer, I’d even dare to say one of the better ones I know, and I wish she’d step out of her shell, and I know she will. She loves fashion and music, and the two if you work hard enough and dream big enough can take anyone far. Here are some questions I asked her and her answers to those questions.

  1. Music and modeling: Draw comparisons to the two.

A: Music and modeling to me come from the same place. They are both art forms that allow me, personally, to express myself. Without music I don’t think I could function as a human being, it’s what I look forward to doing everyday… Whether it’s a car ride to work, or a shower where I just get to forget about everything for a minute. You can lose yourself in it, I think that’s the comfort of it. Modeling, well I shouldn’t even say modeling. It’s pretentious in a way. When I take pictures, or ask someone to take pictures of me, I’m trying to capture moments. A new outfit, a beautiful day, a new hair style… Moments that can be kept forever, the ones we let slip away, that’s art.

2. What is your favorite kind music? Why?

A: I don’t like to pigeon hole music. I like whatever I like at that moment in time. Sometimes it’s a sad song, and sometimes it’s mumble rap, there’s not really an in between. If I had to answer this question it would probably be music that makes me feel something. Those are the songs that are unforgettable.

3. You’re beautiful, what is the beauty in music?

A: Well first of all, thank you. Secondly, I’d have to partly refer to my last answer. When music evokes feeling, we can place moments into music and it’s like a living time capsule that follows us and can be accessed whenever we want to remember the moment in which we first heard that song. The best way to experience nostalgia is through music. There’s so many times a song comes on and I can escape to a moment.

4. If given the opportunity to sit with one artist (living or dead) who would you choose?

A: Well, if you know anything about me I would pick Harry Styles. As immature as it may seem at first glance, he got me through a lot of really hard times in my life. Throughout high school I had a hard time figuring myself out, and I spent a great amount of time alone. There was actually a summer, Sophomore year, that everyone thought I stayed home, working out and that I was gonna come back to school with some amazing body… In reality, I laid in bed on my Harry Styles twitter fan account. He made me happy, and continues to be a really fucking cool person. I’d like to get to know him for sure.

5. At what point do you think music will over take modeling and fashion for you if at all?

A: I’m honestly at a turning point in my life. I was offered to meet with a developmental agency that puts you through a series of workshops, and I took a moment to think if I had what it took to spend the money to get a career in modeling started. I realized, no. I turned down the opportunity. It was pretty stupid, but it made me think that maybe music is what I’m meant to start out with, and if the rest follows…

6. What say you about young artists that are local?

A: I say yes. We all have our crafts, and to share your passion for that you need to start. Start exposing people to what you love, and seeing how they respond. Then growing an empire. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people do what makes them happy, except for seeing them succeed. Pop off.

7. What is your pearl of wisdom? (something you tell some one to take with them through out life.)

A: Never let the world turn you cold. Don’t let your struggle(s) define you. Don’t let your past shape your future. Break molds, push boundaries, obliterate walls. Break yourself, and start from scratch. It is never too late to start over. Leave, find yourself, find love, find happiness, find heartache. Laugh, cry, but don’t forget to love. Don’t live a life that can be easily replicated. But most importantly, create. Leave behind a piece of yourself you want to be remembered by. Make a difference, no matter the size. 

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