Sam MacPherson- Interview

Sam MacPherson isfrom Red Bank, NJ. He is a talented singer/songwriter living in Columbia, SC where he stays in the studio. Currently, he is recording a few singles for release, and then an EP to follow later on this year (pictured). Heres what he had to say when I asked him my 5 importan questions.

At what point did you find yourself interested in music? What was the “break out” or realization moment

1.         I have grown up with and through music. My dad before having kids was a touring musician and my brother is really phenomenal guitarist. There has always been music in my house, sometimes from painfully early in the morning until the night.

What is the most important thing about music to you? Why?

2.         Music for most is inspiration, expression, and for me those apply as well, but even more so, music for me is my favorite platform to see how creative I can be. Whether it is the melody, the lyrics, the overall idea, music is going to outlive anything and everything because you’ll never be able to say “well, guess we’re out of ideas, I guess we used all those chords up”. To me that is so exciting, there will always be a song that someone hasn’t written yet.

What is your one pearl of wisdom? Something you would tell some one they need to know to conquer anything in life.

3.         My one pearl of wisdom would be, give people the benefit of the doubt. There is no harm in giving someone a shot, and that is also applicable in various areas of life, like something new. My father has always told me, “life is not about making a list of things you want to do, it is about making a list of things you will never do again”.

Who is your biggest influence, why and do you want to meet them?

4.         John Mayer is my biggest musical influence, he is a musician, a songwriter, but he is also a performer. I’d love to be able to put on a show like he does, his concert was by far the best I have ever been to.

What’s your favorite song lyric or song in general of yours?

5.         Well most songwriters will say their favorite song is the one they wrote an hour ago, so for me it is from a song I have not released yet called “Dear My City”, It will be on all streaming services in a few weeks. But the line reads “I hope you don’t think, that I ever took for granted, all the kindness you showed, it’s just the life called and I, had to go”. For me this song is not only very personal but very specific to a time in my life, and I think that line is the over-arching theme of the entire song.

Follow Sam on Insta and Like his page on Facebook.

Instagram: @sammaccc

Facebook @Sammacphersonmusic

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