Pat Walsh – Interview

I decided to move this interview to monday, because I got the chance to be in the studio, hang out with, and make music with a very cool guy by the name of Pat Walsh. He was nice enough to answer these questions I sent him. Before I show you his answers to these questions along with his bio, I want to share something Pat once told me. He said that he wants every one around this area, THE SHORE, to lift each other up, make each other better and open doors for eachother (I am paraphrasing), but that is very important to understand. With that said here is the interview with Pat Walsh.

Patrick D. Walsh is a 19 year old artist from Spring Lake Heights, NJ. Along with being an artist he is also the co- owner of Simply Green Studios, and has released 6 full length projects along with countless singles. His music video ,” Keep Asking” and mixtape D.A.B. brought him out as a rapper while still in high school.

“One thing I’m proud to say is that I really fully on started from the bottom. Freshman year me and Matt DeConie started rapping on an xbox headset, recording into audacity and throwing shitty ass tracks up on soundcloud, fully pumped to get 100 plays and maybe one like. Now it’s 2017 and I still record in the same room, with a lot better gear, and send some tracks out to get mixed at ShoreFire (in Long Branch). I have different music across the web on all platforms. It’s been quite a journey so far and it feels like it just started. Only Big Things, and only Big things to Come is my motto and what i preach.”

Is music First? Are all your eggs in one basket on this journey?

1. Music is 100%, absolutely  the number one thing in my life. For the past 4 years straight the constant  thought of improving , promoting, and really understanding music has been a battle.

I have lost two girl friends due to me not making enough time for them, so they “stray away”.  
I have dropped countless friends due to the fact we have different mindsets.  Most importantly everything else has became second, School, work,and my Social Life. I came to understand that if i really put all my effort into one thing, shit will start to change. So for the second question, yes, all of my eggs and the chicken are in the basket.

What is the most important thing about music to you? Why?

2. The most important thing about music to me is that, with it,  I find meaning. For some reason, call me crazy, but i’ve developed a world inside the one we’re in. To explain this its kinda hard, but from trying to look outside the box in, if i were to stop creating and working there be no reason to go on with my life. I’m not saying that in a suicidal way, i simply stating that don’t know what else i would do with my time. When it’s the only thing you really know how do , its all you got. The best feeling in the world to me is when i sit back after a session and i listen to what i’ve created. It’s like a drug that you can’t quit.  If i were to never “make it” in this so called “game” Id still be wherever i am, in front of a computer , trying to put the thoughts and words i have to say on the mic.

What is your one pearl of wisdom? Something you would tell some one they need to know to conquer anything in life

3. The best wisdom i can share with someone is that give zeros f***s about everything, but at the same time give a f***k about little thing  possible. I know my advise wont mean anything until there are awards and plaques to back it but trust me. If you can some how wrap your head it around it , you’ll understand.

Who is your biggest influence, who do you emulate your music off of most?

4. Big influences that turned me onto making hip hop music is wiz, mac, berner, kid cudi, cole, chance,and 50 cent. Theres many more but those i feel are the ones whose music i can bring back many memories  and they place a certain time periods in my life. Other then rap i have certain cravings for bands like dirty heads, sublime, phish, Front Bottoms really all music is an influence to me and how i make mine.

What’s your favorite song lyric or song in general of yours?

5. Favorite Song of all Time, “another Night” by mac miller. Fav lyeric is by wiz. The songs called “On My Level” and it goes, “I keep some bad B*****s with me in the Back sippin rosey with some hash twistin” ha, its just great.

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