Soundcloud Appreciation Post

Dear soundcloud, I was introduced to you my sophomore year of high school. I didnt know much about you, all I knew was that the songs I usually paid for were now free. Your impact on my life has gone beyond the bounds of what I originally thought would happen.

I recorded my first song in the headphones of my beats, and I posted it. It got 23 plays and 1 like. I was the one like. My point though is, soundcloud, you gave me the freedom to do that. I could go for days about how many times you’ve given me the creative wiggle room to put whatever I wanted to express on your website, but I wont. I will just say this, soundcloud has made Ben Ril.

Soundcloud, you have to understand my sincere thankfulness you’ve made me money, you’ve made me recognizable, and among those two things two things, soundcloud you’ve made me confident. Not just me however, everyone, I see kids every day use your platform to take a leap of faith and do what they love to do, and for what it’s worth you’ve made some of them superstars. I want to post this appreciation for you soundcloud because your impact is second to only the people who listen to me on your site, dear soundcloud. Thank you


Ben Ril.IMG_7871

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