A Cozy Recess Radio Interview

I caught up with Andrew Cosenza aka Cozy of Recess Radio. He is a bright young talent that seems to see the world in a special way. He and is group of friends known as “Recess Radio” truly are just some kids playing, beacause they do something with their music that I think every one should take note of and try to emulate, and that is have fun. Both Cozy, and the rest of the group are filled with loads of talent and potential and are still at the genesis of what can become something huge for the Jersey Shore brand, and New Jersey hip hop in general. It is often hard to orginate a sound, but this group has done just that. From the ground up they have built their brand, and the fans have followed suit. Now with a show coming up, and stardom in mind, Cozy, and the rest of Recess Radio look to take the next big leap. In order to do that however, you have to remember why you do what you do, why you started, and what keeps you going. In this interview Cozy said something to me that stuck out. He said:

“[what] I would tell someone to conquer anything in life would be to keep an open mind. You never know who your talking to if you never make the effort to talk to them. Networking is huge in life…”

Aside from the obvious fact that music is a universal healer, and that the Jersey Shore can really be up next with the right strings pulled, I have never heard truer words come from anyone

One more thing about this squad before we get into the interview, they put on a good show. They’ll be at GameChangerWorld in Howell New Jersey the day before Thanksgiving, November 22nd.



Here is Cozy’s introduction and the answers to my ShoreLifeLyrics artist interview questions…

“Hey I’m Andrew Cosenza AKA Cozy! I’m 18 years old from Monmouth County New Jersey and also a member of Recess Radio. Recess Radio a collective group of individuals who share a passion for music, art, lifestyle and anything else that’s expressive. Our motto “We just some kids playin’” is said a lot in our music and from our fans and I feel like that is where the premise our message comes from. We make music for the people who how to appreciate a well crafted song and spread positivity in everything we do collectively. To catch up with me or the rest of the Recess Kids follow me on Instagram @Andcosenza or @Thoserecesskids ”

At what point did you find yourself interested in music? What was the “break out” or realization moment.

  1. The first time I found myself interested in music was when I was at my friend Martins house and he put on a song. I can remember this day like yesterday. He put on “Lose yourself” by Eminem, and I completely lost it. By the next day I knew every single word to the entire song and would rap it whenever I got the chance. I felt so cool like that was my talent to show people, like “yooo you wanna’ hear me rap this Eminem song to you”. It Sounds lame to me now but at the moment that song changed my life completely. That was my first introduction to hip hop music which shaped me for years to come,

What is the most important thing about music to you? Why?

2. The most important thing about music to me is the ability to be creative and express whatever you want. Everything is in your control, from what you want your fans to feel to what message you’re trying to get across etc. It’s crazy to be on this side of the music industry because I get to see and experience first hand how much effort and hard work goes into just one song. From brainstorming ideas, producing the beat, writing lyrics, recording lyrics, mixing and mastering, all the way to the promotional side of how more people will hear our music. For example this past weekend everyone from Recess was home to work on music and we went over this whole process I just mentioned. We were all up the entire night all the way until 12pm the next day working on our craft while everyone was sleeping, partying etc. And don’t get me wrong we love to party, but you need to have priorities in order to be successful. Anyway, the most important thing about music to me is the ability to create and have people share that feeling with you when they listen to your music.

What is your one pearl of wisdom? Something you would tell some one they need to know to conquer anything in life.

3. My one pearl of wisdom that I would tell someone to conquer anything in life would be to keep an open mind. You never know who your talking to if you never make the effort to talk to them. Networking is huge in life and jobs and even bigger in the music industry. Actually this past weekend I met Famous Dex, Ski Mask The Slump God, Reggie Mills, and DJ Casso all through networking. I got to go to their private album listening party in New York City and had the chance to sit talk and watch first hand how to put on a good performance. The point is none of this would of happened if I didn’t reach out or if I kept a closed mind and told myself “oh there’s no way they will want to meet me”. Keep an open mind, make conversation, and most importantly, Network.

Who is your biggest influence, why and do you want to meet them?

4. My biggest influence at the moment is A$AP Rocky. Just from his style to his music everything he does he puts 100percent effort into and you can defiantly see that. I’m honestly not quite sure if I would want to meet him. I’ve heard so many stories of people meeting their biggest influences to find out that their total d*cks or rude and that really shoots a person down. A person you looked up to for so many years completely losing you as a fan because you met the real version of them. I’m not sayin Rocky is a dick or rude I’m just not sure if I want to take that chance and be turned away from his music and his lifestyle.

What’s your favorite song lyric or song in general of yours?

5. My favorite song we’ve made so far would have to be “John Lennon” which we actually remixed from Blake Fosters friend, Darion. They met in the city and worked on music together and one day Darion was just like “ Yo blake I want Recess to remix John Lennon”. And from there we worked on it for a while and put it out about 2 months laterand is doing really well with our fans. It’s the type of song to make you sing the lyrics 4 hours after you listen to it. I find it very satisfying to be walking with my friends from class and hearing “John Lennon John Lennon John with my…” out of completely nowhere.

How did Recess get it’s start whats the message you all want to pass along?

6. The idea of Recess started many years ago. We all used to make music together and use to just play it for our self and friends. Then one day we were like fuck, this is actually good. We dropped a private project(which I wasn’t on) called marijuana recess. This was about 3 years ago but the songs were still pretty impressive for being so young at the time. And granted we produce and record all of the beats and songs ourself. Marijuana Recess got played to our friends and everyone said the same thing, “you have to release this”. One thing led to another and Recess was born. Now with a following spreading like wildfire, reposts on SoundCloud from xxxtentacion, and getting kicked out of our first show ever at the stone pony because the crowd was going absolutely nuts, were announcing another concert November 22nd at Gamechanger World in Howell. This is our first headlining show and it is going to be insane. I hope to see you there.

“Thanks for reading and god bless.”  -Cozy


Here are some links to find Cozy and the rest of the talented Recess Radio:



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