“Issa Whole New Wave”

Creativity is key. What makes a genre unique? The answer to this question is simple; the genre must have the ability to stand alone in both sound and popularity. It is important to ask. What has the genre brought to the table generationally, and is the genre stagnant or is it ever changing and evolving.

It is no secret that offically this is a hip hop blog, but when there is an artist polarizing enough, and intruiging enough to speak about the light will shine on them. As for right now however, I will speak hip hop. One question people have caught alot of debate on is the new wave being promptly deemed “Mumble Rap.” What is it? Some say a series of “uhs ayes yuhs and oohs,” and others say its something new and easy to vibe to and is the new staple of hip hop.

One thing is for sure, although this is considered a new wave and style of hip you can always trace things back to a point of being. The mumble rap isn’t really “new” it has just evolved. That is the beauty in not just hip hop but all things isn’t it? They evolve to become something new.

Mumble rap, although joined at the hip with rap music gives artists like Lil Uzi and Trippie Red to say “I’m not just a rapper.” That fact alone has propelled hip hop past rock music as the most popular genre of this generation. The idea that hip hop is reaching past boundaries of just spoken word poetry and breaking into more of a melodic and flowing style is what makes it so diverse and more popular. Some people hear artist yelling the same phrase into the microphone over and over for about a minute and a half, what I hear is an instrumental, with for the first time, some artist not taking the fore front of the track, rather carrying themselves with the track. What I mean by this is one of the most beautiful parts of rock music is the guitar solos drum solos, and everything else instrumental, well for mumble rap the same can be said for the steeze that the producers have to flex. Perhaps for the first time since hip hops genesis producers and DJ’s are becoming mainstream, because mumble rap and everything like it has made the track a collabrative effort rather than drum sounds and spoken word poetry.

Fans of music I IMPLORE you, be diverse in what you choose to enjoy. Try to find the beauty in going from Smokepurpp to Joey Bada$$ to Lil Uzi to J Dilla to Playboi Carti and then perhaps to J. Cole. There is beauty in diversifying the type of music you listen to right? So in that same sense there should be beauty in diversifying the type of hip hop you listen to, don’t tear the unique nature of it apart by hating on one side of hip hop and loving another, rather bring it together and see what new beauty can come of it. IMG_9204