LowLife Jonny- Interview

As an athlete you have to prioritize you music and sports accordingly so my first question to you is; what to you is the true definition of balance?

As a student athlete you have to be able to balance out your school work with your sport and still try and keep a social life. I put music under the category of my social life so once im done with school work and football that’s when its time to get to work on music. If im not on top of my shit then that’s less time to work on music.

Who is your largest influence both as an artist but also as a person?

Migos and yachty. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge migos fan. I don’t really like  yachtys music like that but I like how he stays true to himself and doesn’t try and portray himself as somethings that he isn’t. He just makes music for people to enjoy and have fun with and that’s why I make my music.

What was your turning point in music, when did you begin to take this seriously?

Summer of 2016 I dropped a half-fast freestyle and everyone liked it even though I hated it. I kept getting positive feedback and just figured Id make another one and people liked that too. Then I kept making music and started to enjoy the process of finding my sound and how I want my music to sound and I fell in love with it.

How have people reacted to your choice to play football and make music? Do you ever feel deterred?

Most of my teammates have been supportive about it and there were about 4 or guys who were really pushing me to keep making more. I don’t know if I ever would have continued making music if it weren’t for them to be honest. As far as feeling deterred I feel that way when I see someone who I KNOW im better than blow up. Not on no hating shit, but it makes me sit there like “shit what am I doing wrong? Why not me?” I just use that as motivation now though. Like if they can do it so can I

What is your favorite track, or lyric of yours?

My favorite track has got to be wit your b***h part 2. I like how I sound like myself on that song. I always get a comparison of what famous rapper I sound like on some of my older songs but I think that was the song that helped me start to find my flow. My favorite line is from that same song. “im playing madden eatin chicken while your girlfriend tops me off.” I like madden. I like chicken. And if your girl wants to come through as well she is more than welcome to “ya dig.”

  1. What is your “Pearl of Wisdom” something you would tell someone if they needed to conquer something in life.

I would say good things don’t come to those who wait but it comes to those who grind while they wait. Just because it doesn’t seem like its going the way you want it at the moment doesn’t mean that at some point God wont open a door for you. Keep working.IMG_8575

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