Allan Brady- Aspiring Pop Star, Dorm Room Rockstar

He used to go by Johnny Juice. Now he wants to be called Allan Brady. For the time being, Brady is a Monmouth University student, and he has loads of talent and loads of potential at his disposal. He has put alot of effort and hard work into his music, and hopes to soon see it pan out when he makes the move to LA. I caught up with Allan Brady and asked him some questions… Heres how they came out.

  1. Speak for a moment about finding sound, have you found yours, or do you have a ways to go and how does someone find their “sound?”

I grew up listening many different genres and artists. I take influence from all over the musical landscape. So as I started to develop my own sound I made sure to take all my influences into account. Lately I have been working on my debut album, Soundcloud Popstar, and have started to develop my own sound. But I do think finding your own sound as an artist is a lifelong journey. In my opinion in order for a musician to be a true artist they need to be constantly evolving and developing their sound. I think for someone to find their own sound, they need to spend time studying the artists they look up to. From there, in my experience, it is important to find a way to reflect all those influences without ripping them off and wearing them on your sleeve.

  1. Who has been your biggest influence, and conversely what has been your biggest road block throughout all of this.

My influences have changed a lot through my musical journey but right now I’d have to say my biggest influences are Young Thug, Frank Ocean and Ricky Anthony. They are all pushing music forward while still making it accessible to almost everyone. In particular Beautiful Thugger Girls has been a real heavy influence on this new album. The way Thug was able to pull all these different genres together without compromising his extremely unique style had a major effect on how I looked at putting my album together. Same thing with Ricky Anthony’s Sad Robot project. I highly recommend it to any music fan. As far as road blocks go, I constantly second guess my music. I have 3 finished album that will probably never come out and have written over 50 songs for my newest album. I find it hard to commit to putting anything out. I don’t know if it’s fear over how it will be received or its that I’m a perfectionist when it comes to music. This time I have given myself a deadline to start putting music out. I will be dropping my first single in the middle of December and will be putting out the album in April 2018.

  1. You’ve been all over the map, as far as music goes, talk about finding the right spot in which you want to build and make yourself the best artist you can be.

I grew up in a small town on Cape Cod before moving just outside of Washington D.C for high school. This was a big change for me and opened up a lot of opportunities to expand my connections. Currently I am at school at Monmouth University, being able to begin living independently really pushed me to start finding my own voice as an artist. I am planning to move to Los Angeles in early 2018 where I hope to take all the things I have learned and turn it into a career in music. For me it’s just as important to find the right place to make music as it is to find your own sound. I pull inspiration from what is around me. I find each place I visit pushes me to write differently and finding the place that brings me the best sound while still allowing me the best connection is really important to me right now.

  1. Do you feel your music has distinct diversity?

I hope so. As I have been writing this album I’ve kind of isolated myself and been focusing on making the music I really want to with little outside influence. The only other person who has been a significant influence on developing this sound is Halcyon another producer I went to high school with in D.C. I try to take a little influence from all genres. The songs on the album cover a lot of different vibes while still having my signature style.

  1. What is you pearl of wisdom, something that you would tell someone that was trying to conquer anything in life?

I always used to tell myself “I just need to get in a real studio to write the music I really want” or “I just this new piece of software to really make my music better” but really it’s about what you do with the materials you have that makes the difference. TM88 made the XO Tour Life beat on a beats pill. You can make whatever you want with exactly what you have right now. It’s all about practice and hard work.

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