Back on Stage- November 22nd


It will be a movie, a day to remember, and a chance for you to introduce yourself to talented young artists from the Shore. November 22nd at GameChanger World in Howell. I will be performing and tickets are only 10 dollars, but now that the formalities are over with I have to tell you about my excitement and getting back onto the stage.

It was late in the summer and I reached out to all of my friends so that I might be able to sell tickets. At 35 dollars a pop I sold tickets to my first ever large show. The show was Lil Pump at Starland Ballroom. I hate asking people for money, and I hate being the kid that always had to look for some ones attention, and it seemed I was beocming that. I won’t lie, and as cocky as this sounds, I was not nervous… Maybe I should have been, but I wasn’t.

I got there at 5 o clock (!!) and for a concert in which the doors did not open until 8 there were people already lined up. My first thought was, “Oh my lord my friends are going to miss my set.” There was easily thousands plus there and by the time I got on stage the crowd was riled up.

The next part is tough for me to talk about because it’s a blur.

I got up there and my music, out of all the artists set to go on, was the one set list that was missing. It sucked, now I am here in front of 2 thousand plus, yelling drop that track, and having nothing to rap too. I tried everything, just hyping them up, kind of acting like a DJ, and finally the music came on. I was back on track, but in the middle of the first song… The music came on again, playing over twice, Shore Life 2 playing while When in Rome played. I tried to explain it but, such a big event had a time crunch, there was no time to fix it, eventually with a crowd growing restless, the painful look on some one my friends who paid 35 dollars to see me, and my heart racing I decided to walk off. It was a selfish move, but I wasn’t going to leave myself in that spot, I wasn’t ready and it showed.

The reason I tell that story is to say this. November 22nd I am redeeming myself. I was crushed about starland for weeks, I didn’t show it but I was ready to quit. Now I am coming back better than ever and its only 10 dollars to see that.


My pearl of wisdom is this: In life you might get chewed up and spit out and boo’d off stage, Em taught us that, but you have to keep moving. Y’all… TIME IS UNDEFEATED. Time doesn’t stop for you to try to make sense of the situation your in. Assess it get better keep moving, and always love yourself and the product you put out.

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