Make the Music Work for you.

A lot of what is expected out of artists who do burst onto the music scene at a young age has to do with their future and school.

“Are you still going to school?”

Yes. Why? Because I make the music work for me. The good news is that every artist, producer, or music patron that is reading this blog can do the same as me. Currently, I am a college student at Monmouth University, I anticipate graduation in the spring of 2019, and after that grad school. The plan was always law, but things are taking a turn for me that I faintly expected. I still plan to stay on track with my goals and aspirations, but my music has been working for me in ways that I couldn’t imagine. It has helped my GPA, my work ethic, and among other things it has given me material to go off of in my current classes.

A good example would be this. This blog was originally the subject of a class assignment. In Social Media and Public Relations Marketing class I was assigned to do a campaign and build a portfolio, and with out hesitation I jumped at the opportunity to grow my brand through other mediums besides music, while still using my music. I can confidently say with out reservation that I really might be better at this whole blogging thing than music (of coarse disregarding the few typos you may find through out this blog). This allows me to be candid, imperfect, and still creative.

All of this started because I made my music work for me. I didn’t take away everything else and to try to convince myself that I needed to do so in order for my music to work. I made my education and my passion to make music gel. It garners more success to build instead of blow up. Would I love to go viral? Honestly yes, but why do so when you can build an empire of success through your passion with education. IMG_1093

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