Thank God For My People

“Ion’ got friends I got fans got fam, famous like I’m Dex, woah man got dam”

Me and my homie were cyphering over a beat one day and he said that. It stuck out, in fact I wanted to make an entire track out of it, but I never got to it. I’m a dramatic person, I trust too much, and I lay a lot of hope and love into people. Friends to me are my family in a lot of ways, stay or go, my friends have impacted my life more than anyone will ever know.

I started this around a year ago and rather than put me down and ask me why, you all brought me up and turned my music onto people that did not know who I was. Every time I open up snap, and hear my song in the background I try to play it cool. It’s weird to hear yourself, and its hard to imagine that people that would actually enjoy the work you put in, but if not for the people in my life those imaginations would have never become reality. IMG_1230

My friends always keep it real with me, and tell me what they want to hear. For that I am grateful, and I want you all to know that I am taking not only this music, but also this blog and what I want to do with my life farther than you could imagine, and It is because of all you.


Thank you.

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