You Are Your Best Investment

My music has opened up doors for me that I never thought I would see a way to. I often sat back and watched people my age try to start their own brands, clothing lines, and platforms and chuckled at the fact that those people were living in a pipe dream. I found out quickly however that those were the smartest people. Not only were they living so curiously and through their dreams, but they were also having their dreams make money for them.


I learned to invest in myself, and I implore you as a reader to do the same. I always tell my Dad, who is a phenominal cook, that he should open a resturant. I do this because I know the potential, and while that is a very scary word, it can also be a very lucrative word.


I saw in my music not just a chance to express my self, but also a chance to make money, and plan for a future. The reason I am to confidently say my eggs are in this basket (view previous post) is because at some point you realize, that being an artist is not just sitting in a basement, dorm, or studio living out some pipe dream, being an artist is making an investment in yourself! Deciding to do this is saying, with my future I would like to run media platforms, deal with PR, as well as the business side of the music industry, and I want to learn how to conduct myself in high pressure business situations. When you learn these things, you learn to invest in your self.

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