I used to think the goal was to be famous, then I thought it was to be rich, now I think it is just to be happy. It is weird that everything we experience on the daily is literally a consequential anomaly of our last action, but I guess through my actions I have been able to experience that happiness. It’s that time though, in not just mine, but pretty much every one of my peers lives to chase that feeling over and over. I think I have found that in writing and I know I’ve found what I want to do. My dream is to have my own media platform just like COMPLEX or to have the ability to work with one. My artistry and even quietly my love for sports had opened up my eyes to this fact. Pigeons and Planes is the goal, and I won’t stop until I achieve that goal, whether it’s an internship or anything else, I will experience that and follow through on what I want to do. With that said, if you’re reading this, go back on my Instagram page and tag Pigeons and Planes for me, also if you know any media outlets that need writers feel free to let me know, Thank you!