SYSH- Stuff You Should Hear SYSS- Stuff You Should See

We all know the most comforting driving force in the lives of most people is the sweet serandes we receive on a daily basis from our favorite artist. May they be old, young, new, veteran, woman, or man our favorite artists are always coming out with stuff right when we need it.

We all know the second most comforting driving force in the lives of music lovers, next to making music, is talking about it. There’s stuff you should see, seeing is watching, reading, and digesting exactly what goes into your favorite artists craft.

*Side Bar* As I continue to saturate this blog with more and more posts I hope this too becomes “SYSS.”

Here is some “SYSH” Stuff You Should Hear

The tunes range, Hip Hop, to Alternative, a dash of Trap and Pop. Just Vibe.

Stuff You Should Hear 1/27/18


“Tryna skrt off in a fast car, like NASCAR

Girl you know I got a cold heart

If I would give it to you, would you tear that sh*t apart

Red Roses on my grave bury me with art”

-Lil Skies

(This Apple Music list should also resonate with Spotify blow my blog up so ya boy can afford both <3)

On the underground spectrum artists both local and far are putting out some dope sounds on Soundcloud, as well as some bigger artists putting out tracks you wont find on pay to play platforms. Check these out.

SYSH SoundCloud

Here is some “SYSS”

Did you think I would choose anything else?


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