3 Collabs I Need to Hear

Disclaimer: Some of these ideas have been conjured up catered to my own musical taste. I hope for your discretion if some of these seem impossible. With that said music is art and art is the ability to create anything you want. If I mention a collab that has already happened, please send me it!

  1. Yung Lean x Francis and the Lights: Some might see this as overkill, but the two voices are both so smooth. I came up with this thought with my music on shuffle. Red Bottom Sky by Yung Lean came on and directly subsequent to that came Tear It Up by Francis and the Lights.
  2. Tyler The Creator x Mild High Club: If you watched the Flower Boy conversation you know where I am coming from with this idea. Tyler mentioned that alot of his melodic ideas and bridges among other things came from Mild High’s Skiptracing. So natrually I had to go look it up. I understood right away, the sound, vibe, and mood he was going for. All that is left is getting the two on a song, I personally think music is fluid now-a-days and that very well may be possible.
  3. Brockhampton x Amine: Hear me out… I feel like Amine has that same vibe, like, plug and play. If you put him in Brockhampton I don’t think many would feel it is crazy different, which is why I wanna hear this. It fits way to well. From his monotone voice to his subtly deep and meaningful lyrics. Both Amine and some members of Brockhampton exhibit that laid back just spitting kind of drawl that makes for a dope track on a unqiue catchy beat.




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