SYSH 2.27.18- Catalog Edition

Who doesn’t love new music? Since my last playlist there has been alot of projects released, and alot of songs released as well. As always my disclaimer is this. If you feel I am ever missing some tracks that need recognition feel free to slide them my way! Even if it is your own music! Invest in yourself.

Lets look at some of these tracks.

First Towkio the Chicago artist recently dropped his lastest album…

Wait for it…

FROM SPACE1519403820957-unnamed


According to an article on and the artist himself, Towkio went 10,000 feet into space to release his latest work, which by default makes it the best album of the year right? (don’t get triggered I’m just joshing)

However, the album did have some solid tracks, and my favorite of those being Disco. A funky track that makes you want to dance your face off. I wanted to write about it as soon as I heard it, but I had to wait a while to see if I still liked it days later.

And I did!

Rich Brian also dropped an album, under his new name. Something about “Rich Chigga” rubbed everyone the wrong way. I guess it was the connotation of the word chigga mixed  with the sensitive nature of today’s society. Anyway, nevertheless Brian dropped off a pretty good album! With well known tracks like “Glow Like Dat,” but also new bops like his visual masterpiece “Cold.”

There are also some old tracks that I found on there, Roy Purdy (that kid that dances on instagram) has this contageous track titled “Pink and Green” that I think you all would like, BlocBoy JB’s “Shoot” is going viral, however JB’s new song with Drake “Look Alive” is going viral as well.

In the realm of songs that just BUMP, do yourself a favor and go look up Sad Frosty’s “New York Freestyle.”

Those are my thoughts here is the playlists.

Now time for a plug with no shame attached.

THE CATALOG IS OUT! All 7 tracks please show it love show your friends. That is my SYSH for soundcloud! No more music for a while, I got some other endavors to focus on. You’ll hear from me musically in the summer whether it is on stage in videos or in new music!

Spotify SYSH

Apple Music SYSH




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