Excerpt I

Opening Statement  

This right here is going to be my first talk to the public, I found in writing I’m able to express how I feel. I have a lot of trouble doing it talking because I’m thinking to fast for what’s coming out of my mouth. It hinders my communication. I must give a thanks to Trevon for letting join the shorelife team. We’re really gonna turn this whole project , into a real movement at the Jersey Shore. Im very excited, you should be too.This “blog” is really going to be my Journal. This is going to be the place where I can document my thoughts , actions and beliefs. I was unsure at first on putting out to the people but someone out there might be in the same spot as me and might stumble across this. Someone out there might have a vision to portray an wanna know what actually goes into it, to them I wish you good luck. It’s one hella ride.

Walsh 1:98

A mind of Artist is rough , a mind of artist is insecure, a mind of an artist is tunneled.

As days past by , you come to find different ways to paint your picture. Music , Art, film, scripture are all different mediums. Through experience one latches on to you like a Mosquito. That mosquito never lets go. It stays attached, tucked away for a life time. My mosquitos proboscis latched on to me around 5 years ago. Ever since then it’s controlled my my mind. I’ve been stuck, I’ve been lost in the wild trying to find my way out. You go through struggle , you go through pain, but looking from the outside , what’s the point . Why do we do this to our selves. Are we in love with the thrill, are we in love with the attention, are we in love with the place it brings us when creating, are we in love with the money. Me personally I haven’t found that reason. I just continue to do what I think I meant to do and hope for whatever it is to come out of it.

Through out the Journey, I’ve lost a couple friends, ended relationships, fell in and out of love, met incredible people, worked with insanely talented human beings , learned so many lessons, but turning 20 just made me realize I still haven’t even started. There’s so much more to come and so much more to do . We got time. It feels like I just woke up, and that’s the part that excites me, that’s where I find motivation. Me knowing that In 10 years if I fail 1000 times, I can still  regroup and try again.

Till next time , pat.

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