Summer Songs

(Photo by: Jack Bogan)

Summer is coming slower than a train in a snow storm, but nevertheless it is coming. I wanted to post this article to share my affinity for “summer jams,” these are the songs carry so much replay value that they eventually become the anthem to what would hope to be a fun filled summer. For what it is worth at this point in the year it is safe to say there are still a few songs set to be on my playlist that have not dropped yet. I need these artists, that were supposed to have projects drop months ago, to get with their labels and get the ball rolling. (That was sarcasm that is a very hard thing to do.)

Here are a few tracks that are already a lock for my summer playlist.

OOPS – Lil Yachty x 2 Chainz K$UPREME

infinity (888) – XXXtentacion x Joey Bada$$

Carpoolin’ – SOB X RBE

Minimum Wage- Taylor Bennett

For the local scene, all of you artists out there are lined up to have a huge summer, but only if you all make it so! Go out, link up, and put yourself and NJ on the map!

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