Nick Roy’s Sanctuary – Playlist

What’s up Shore Life, I’m Nick Roy.

Two first names I know.

I wanted to write this little intro blog for my acceptance to Shore Life. I go to school and play football for Tufts University up in Boston. Music is one of the more important things in my life as I am surrounded by it all time whether it be in the locker room, the weight room, or in my earphones while I’m studying. I made this playlist for y’all because music can become a sanctuary. Listening to music in the car or with earphones is a totally different experience compared to deafening silence as many of you could attest to. I spend countless hours driving to school or to friends and when I throw on some good music I feel at peace. So, welcome to my blog, and feel free to always shoot me new music or whatever. Shout to Tre for helping me put many of my thoughts into words. More to come.

Here is the music that puts me in my own sanctuary, my dojo, of sorts.

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