SYSH 3.27

It’s time! (Bruce Buffer Voice)

Wake up Wake up its the 27th of the month!

I, Ben Ril of Shore Life Lyrics, am rolling out another playlist of tracks for you all to digest and take with you!

Now last month I dropped the Catalog, so my Soundcloud version of SYSH was just my latest project, I know, so modest right? This month that will not be the case! Same as the Janurary issue I will be shining a light on Shore Artists for the playlist for Soundcloud. So those of you with the FREE music streaming service check out your fellow brothers and sisters, and those of you without? Get it.

Some great new music came out since I last dropped a playlist including the Billboard topping XXXtentacion album titled “?” and Lil Yachty’s long awaited bounce back project “Lil Boat 2.”

My favorite of the projects dropped in March was on the 5th. Pouya dropped his album “Five Five.” I love it because its catchy it evokes feeling and it has a certain “Bone-Thugs-Esque” sound to it. That is a personal opinion, and if it completley misses your ear then that is okay!

Now the album that I am going to confidently say is the most traditional was Bishop Nehru’s Elevators Act I & II. The album was one of clean, smooth and wonderous production that left me with a crick in my neck after bopping my head so damn hard.

One album we are still waiting on is Rich The Kid’s album which is set to drop on the 30th. I thought about holding off until that highly anticipated album is dropped, but trust I will have something to say about that project when the time comes as I am uber hyped for it.

Here is the playlist! Be aware that not all tracks are from March alone! I catch onto songs very late.

SYSH 3.27.18

Soundcloud is buzzing! We need a huge summer from the Shore’s artists to get this ball rolling. Here are some recent, and some old drops that have been blaring through my car speakers and my head phones as of late!

(Photo Brooke Sansone)

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