Daily Shuteye

By: Justin Noah

If you’ve ever not been able to nap or fall asleep easily, or just want some calming tunes for that napping mood, listen to Daily Shuteye.

Daily Shuteye starts out by lifting up your mood and bringing out the good vibes with “Blessings” by Chance The Rapper.   A few tracks down the list your will get to hear the lesser known Bennett, but no less talent with Taylor Bennett (Chance’s brother) on the calming track “Broad Shoulders” accompanied by Chance himself.  Lower down the list we slowly start to make you dose off with Cam Meekins, a versatile Boston native, with a tranquil soft-beat song in “Inhale”.  Lastly, we have two tracks by Kid Cudi that are lesser known, but the same Cudi groovy sound.  “SATELLITE FLIGHT” is a track that sort of makes you feel as if you are traveling through space with its futuristic sound.  You won’t get to the last Cudi track because you will already be knocked on your couch, but it deserves a listen.  Throughout the whole song is a continuous soothing feel lyrically and instrumentally.

Now go get that nap you so well deserve.