Music as a Mood; Music as a Story

By Nick Roy

Photo By Matt Dutra

I was scrolling through my old Soundcloud and Spotify playlist’s the other day and came to one conclusion: Music can be a story.

Hear me out.

I found old playlists about when I was sad, happy, tailgate playlists, pregame playlists, and much more. I came to realize that the music you listen to sometimes is based on your mood. It’s crazy to think that I used to listening to Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede before football games. I totally forgot that part of my life. I used to take a lot of flak from people in high school because I loved Mumford and Sons more than Drake or whatever rapper was hot in 2014. (Shout out J. Cole for 2014 Forrest Hills Drive, double platinum no features!!) Don’t let people discourage you from music. Whatever vibe you’re feeling, music can help. It doesn’t always have to be happy either. Use music in your life for what you want to use it for.

That’s what makes music so f****** awesome. It has a genre for all moods and walks of life. Listen to your mind, let it tell you what you need, and plug those headphones in and just get lost. And if you don’t want to just listen, you can dance around and really be that artist. (I’ve done that countless times.)

I always try to be open to any kind of genre, mostly because I like so many genres I don’t even have a favorite. I can hop into a Migos song, and then quickly switch and listen to Harry Styles or Ed Sheeran. I have no shame. You shouldn’t either.

Love music. Appreciate music. Use music the way you want. Have a happy Thursday everybody!

As always, send me any songs or playlists, I always could use more to add to my arsenal.

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