The Shore Life Story

I am Trevon James, and I am from Howell, New Jersey. Currently, I am a student at Monmouth University. I founded Shore Life Lyrics in the fall of 2017. In its genesis, Shore Life Lyrics was nothing more than an assignment for a Social Media/PR class. It was an assignment that was designed to create a portfolio of journalism and public relations works that would have been accrued over the course of the semester. Shore Life Lyrics was just a small blog. I interviewed various artists over the course of the semester and would create a feature story about them as well as their work, I would write short stories that popped into my head from time to time, all on the basis of art, and I would provide reaction to things going on in the world of pop culture, particularly music.


At a certain point during that semester I started to realize that a certain life style was prominent in this area. Every person, young and old, lives their lives uniquely and differently, but all at the same time the people in this area live in such a fluid way that I could not ignore. I fell in love with music in 2013 when I used writing as a coping mechanism in high school. I noticed during that semester in 2017 that my case is similar to that of a lot of young people in the Jersey Shore area. Here is where the life style becomes OURS; instead of having everyone just make music about nonsense and create art for nothing I noticed that everyone does it in such a way where the personality of this area is laced within his or her creations. The lifestyle we live, by the beach, by the boardwalk, and down the shore is tucked so smoothly behind all of the art in this area. My plan is to make it shine.


I started by trying to develop exactly what I wanted to do. I decided that music was too narrow, so I expanded to photography, and eventually all art. I featured people on my website and I stated that Shore Life Lyrics was no longer a blog, but an entire lifestyle; “Shore Life.” This is where Pat Walsh came in. The 20-year-old from Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey has helped me with everything tangible for Shore Life that you see today. He was instrumental in making my visions reality, taking the lifestyle off of the website I made, and spreading it around. Pat and I worked like absolute dogs for so long developing a name and trying to get people to buy in and eventually they did, the first of whom was his brother Ian Walsh. Enter, Dan Lodrago. He gave Pat and I the ability to take the music we were making to new levels. His connections allowed our social media following to grow, and it they are still growing today. We added Anthony Cinko not too long after that. Cinko has been amazing and his connections and efforts are what allowed us to book places like the Asbury Park Music Foundation for our first ever Listening Party.


Almost a year later the Shore Life Lyrics team that now consists of its founder Trevon James, Patrick Walsh, Ian Walsh, Dan Lodrago, and Anthony Cinko, has advocated for artists across this area, and now plans on hosting their very first event. It went from a class assignment, to a blog, to advocacy for a certain lifestyle, and now it has the potential to be an amazing start up that will hopefully give the Jersey Shore art scene the shine it deserves, starting with this listening party on July 7th at the Asbury Park Music Foundation. At this event there will be 20 vendors and performers in attendance, all from the Shore Area, and it will hopefully be just the beginning of an even more massive adventure.

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