SeatlleSeahawks San Fransico 49ers Prediction

By Trevon Lloyd James

There is a lot of good things about the San Fransico 49ers. To start, their defense might actually be the best in the NFL. That defense is more likley to score on any given play than some offenses. To counteract that defense is a good offense. This offense has progressed beautifully as the season has waged on. The addition of Emmanuel Sanders has proven to be much needed, and for a team that is already 8-0 watching everything start to gel on the otherside of the ball is a bit of a scary sight.

Jimmy G was in a groove against the Cardinals, but this week he is with out his saftey blanket, George Kittle. Kittle is sidelined tonight with a knee and an ankle ailment. Fortunately enough for the 9ers and their fans, this can either serve as a point of bragging, “we beat you and we did not have Kittle.” Or it can double as a viable excuse, “well we were missing our best target.”

I watched every analyst on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown choose the 49ers. While there is obviously a reason for such a phenomenon I am also not new to the pickem’ game. I know what that means.

What it means:

The Seahawks have an MVP canidate on their side. 22 (TWENTY TWO) touchdowns to 1 (ONE) interception will serve as the first true moment of clarity for this 9ers defense. Couple that with the addition of Josh Gordon, I am inclined to not bet against Russell Wilson.

Seahawks 24 9ers 20

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