Bernardo Silva out against Chelsea

By Trevon Lloyd James


I get it. I truly do. For a moment in time Bernardo Silva probably just thought, this is hilarious and my friend, Benjamin Mendy, is going to feel the same way. For a brief lapse in time Bernardo thought everyone would see what he sees, a hilarious joke to a friend.

Way off.

Seeing both sides of the shrubbery in this instance is difficult, but not impossible. To the people that are angry, know that not everyone makes comments, claims, and remarks with malcontent. Some people don’t see the negative, because they have never been exposed to the negative. To the people that are angry in the other direction (in defense of the Man City star), I beg you not to play naive in this situation. In a season riddled with fan misconduct on the council of race relations as well as political unrest in the department of race you would surely think that something like this simply can not fly. Players need to be held accountable for things of this nature because it enforces a zero tolerance policy to any sort of racist or ill conceived “jokes.”

My last remarks lean toward one notion; there are many kids, both now grown up, and still young, that look like Ben Mendy, and those kids are subject to the same treatment as Bernardo Silva’s jokes, only the intent is not light hearted, the reason is not one made out of love and humor, and those kids are not subject to that treatment in a positive humorous light.

Much like any racey, political, or controversial topic, I like to remain ambiguous about my position. I do write this article however, urging everyone that is angry on both sides to consider for a moment every detail of this situation.

Trevon James, signing off.

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