The Browns won, but lost at the same time

By Trevon Lloyd James

In what was for the most part a snooze fest of a game the Cleveland Browns came out on top. The final score was 21-7. Mason Rudolph threw 4 interceptions, and looked pretty terrible while doing it. There’s a guy working out Saturday afternoon that probably saw that and was a tad bit excited.

That’s the boring part. With about 8 seconds left in the game things got weird. In garbage time of any game, especially a rivalry things tend to get chippy. This was far across the line. Myles Garrett the consensus best player on the Browns rusher the passer like any other play, but when Rudolph let go of the ball, Garrett decided to finish his QB hit. As he wrestled Rudolph to the ground, the young QB was clearly displeased. He grabbed Garrett by the helmet and attempted to rip it off… Much like his night in the pocket, this too was a poor decision. Garrett promptly said “two can play at that game,” and pulled the QB up BY HIS HELMET, and subsequently ripped the helmet off with on feral swoop.

The situation should have been over, except only… It was not. Myles Garrett swung the helmet with a ferocity at Mason Rudolph’s had and made direct contact.

Reckless, careless, stupid, and anything else that you can think of to absolutely condemn that act.

It is obviously fair to say Rudolph started it, and leave it to the pretty boy QB to start a fight he can’t finish, get in way to deep, and then look toward the refs while his linemen, namely Maurkice Pouncey, gives Myles Garrett a two piece combo followed by a sweet chin music while he was on the ground.

But Myles Garrett, come on… I mean seriously! This guy was unconscious on the field not even a month ago and you think this is a solid idea? You’re one of the corner stone pieces of a team trying claw its way back into the playoff pictures and you pull that? Overall, it was all very boneheaded. The NFL is going to reign down upon Myles Garrett with the wrath of Rodger GODdell and this is going to be a story that will headline the NFL media circuit for the next few weeks.

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