A Look Back at Kaep’s day/workout

By Trevon Lloyd James

We found out this week that Saturday (today) the NFL was holding a workout for the polarizing quarterback turned activist, Colin Kaepernick. Since the moment the story broke speculation riddled the twitter-sphere. Some of the more common takes on this situation were inklings of a publicity stunt, others thought the NFL was trying to save its own tail, and some genuinely believed Kaep was finally being afforded a fair shot to play in the league again. My opinion on this topic is fairly irrelevant, because no matter the reasoning behind the work out; he would at the very least get to show everyone what he is capable of doing (as if we forgot). His most recent stint in the NFL was mediocre at best, but people need not forget that at a time, this guy was regarded as a top tier quarterback.

It showed during the workouts. As I watched I noticed that there wasn’t a throw he couldn’t make that the average back up quarterback could. There wasn’t really anything that blatantly showed why he shouldn’t have a roster spot. Kaep threw a 60 yard bomb, and it looked about as natural, about as smooth, and about as NFL ready as some NFL starters. There is no telling if he will return to Super Bowl form, in all likelihood he won’t, but in the same breath Kaep does not necessarily need to be at that level to secure a job in this league.

As for the legal and business side of this situation you can see Colin Kaepernick’s full statement, which he preaches transparency and among other things a fair shot. Kaep has been “ready for three years” now and perhaps we may have taken a step closer to seeing him back on an NFL field.

View this thread below for a timeline of events.

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