Music is so diverse. There are different genres, styles, and moods that all qualify as music. It really is a beautiful thing. Now for me, my first love was football, and I am not shy about that fact. However, music has always played a comforting role in my life, because in every avenue of life music has always been a positive effect.


Look at this dynamic; bad mood? Music. Good mood? Music. Partying? Music. Chilling? Music. That is amazing to me, and I am sure alot of readers feel the same way.

So with that said I want not just music, but all art to have the same comforting effect on the shore, and the artists in this area are far too talented to not get their own shine! This goes far beyond just hip hop. There are bands out there, singers, photographers, dancers, and yes rappers that need a platform and a spot light from which they can show their work to the rest of the people out there.

Shore Life Lyrics is mostly music, yes, but there are more and more forms of art that shine through in this area. Scroll through the tabs not just under this tab but all tabs on the site, and watch the talent flow and glow.